Education Grants

The Charity’s purpose is to help students, up to the age of 25, who have lived permanently in the local area for at least five years or who attend a secondary school or further education college in the local area and who are in need of financial assistance to meet the costs of their education or vocational study. In addition the Trust can support extra-curricular activities offered by youth groups such as Guides, Scouts and the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

The 'local area' is broadly Egham, Englefield Green, Hythe and Virginia Water.

Education Grant Books

How does the Trust help?

Assuming that financial need exists for a student, the Trustees may:

Making the request for help

Applicants are asked to complete a form setting out the case for help. The appropriate form should be selected from the adjacent menu depending on the student’s status and course of study.

The application is usually followed by a meeting between the applicant and two Trustees, who subsequently present the case to a full meeting of the Trustees.

Should an applicant wish to discuss their application prior to submitting a completed form, they should e-mail the Secretary with their enquiries or ring the Charity phone line and leave a message. In either case, a Trustee will respond quickly to their enquiry.

How do the Trustees assess applications?

For undergraduates, the student’s level of assistance from the Student Loan Company will be the principal guide for the Trustees in assessing each application. Likewise, for 16 – 19 year olds at Sixth Form and FE Colleges, the student’s eligibility for help via free school/college meals or the Student Bursary fund will be taken into account.

For those seeking help with vocational or post-graduate courses, the Trustees will make an appraisal of the applicant’s financial position and the total costs to be incurred.

How does the Charity help?

The Trustees meet regularly at six weekly intervals to consider applications for help. In cases where it is able to help, the Charity either meets in full or contributes to the costs of any help approved, either by a direct payment to the academic establishment or on occasion direct to the student upon presentation of receipts. In the case of termly bursaries, payment is dependent upon a satisfactory report as to the student’s attendance and progress from the educational establishment.

How to apply...

1 Are you eligible?

Is your permanent residence in Egham, Englefield Green, Egham Hythe or Virginia Water? Have you lived in the area for some time, ideally 5 years?

3 Send your form to us at...


Egham United Charity
c/o Gladstone House
77 – 79 High Street
TW20 9HY

Please note that post is currently taking longer than usual to reach us. Where possible we advise using email instead.